DON WREGE AS OZZY interviewed New Year's Eve 2002
on WCCO Radio, Minneapolis

WCCO Radio - Don Wrege Interviewed Live


I received an email about a week before New Year's from Al's producer asking if I would like to be interviewed as Ozzy New Year's Eve live. I said sure, since I'd already be drunk and Ozzy is MUCH easier to do drunk

The producer said, "We'll bring you on as Ozzy, you'll joke around with Al, and then we'll bring you out of character and you can talk about being a celebrity impersonator." "Fine," I said.

Well the interview went long, and contrary to what they had told me they held me through a commercial break, and when he came back he was still prompting me to "be Ozzy." He never brought me out of character and people calling in after my segment expressed sorrow they didn't get to speak "with Ozzy." I hope he cleared it up beyond what my tape plays, because I don't want to be part of any kind of FCC fraud!

Al Malmberg interviews Don Wrege as Ozzy on WCCO Radio

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