Media Coverage of Don Wrege as Ozzy Osbourne


My old home town paper! Which is proper and fitting seeing as how this all started at The Kentucky Derby.

"...When the world keeps mistaking you for Ozzy Osbourne, there's really only one thing you can do. You must embrace your inner-Ozzy. You must seek out black eyeliner and blue-tinted glasses. You must don adidas sweatpants and a gold crucifix. You must adopt a shuffling gait and a British-tinged stammer. You must go to Ozzfest and moon 500 people."


In what must be a definition of a slow news day, I end up on the front page of my new home town newspaper.

"Soon afterward, Wrege was contacted by Elyse Del Francia, a celebrity look-alike agent who suggested he attend the Second Annual Celebrity Imposter Convention, held last week in Las Vegas. 'The only reason I went out there was that I hoped I'd be able to sleep with a Sandra Bullock look-alike, but Cyndi Lauper was about the closest chance I got,' Wrege said"

DENVER POST - July 2, 2002

The Post's Bill Husted told me, "This went around the news room several times and ended up with on my desk." He didn't sound pleased, but he wrote a very nice bit.

"I don't do this as a living," Wrege says. "I do this as a joke. I don't see doing kids' birthday parties and biting the heads off of bats."


From Penny Parker's "On the Town" column:

"We drove up to the Pepsi Center where this whole line for Ozzfest was," Floorwax said about the early-birders waiting to get into Thursday's Ozzfest concert. "(Wrege) was real funny. Everybody bought it hook, line and sinker. Then we drove to Cherry Creek, where all these chicks were asking for autographs." In on the hoax were Lewis & Floorwax listeners. The DJ duo broadcast their show from the limo. The cover was finally blown when by chance the hoaxsters ran into the band Insane Clown Posse in the Denver Diner. According to Wax, ICP holds a grudge against Ozzy because (allegedly) his wife, Sharon, wouldn't let them play at Ozzfest. "When they found out it was a fake guy, they didn't kill him," Floorwax said.

LAS VEGAS SUN - June, 2002

"Ozzy Osborne look-alike Don Wrege came to the second annual Celebrity Impersonators Convention at the Imperial Palace over the weekend to find a Sandra Bullock look-alike."


"After doing a brief impression of Osbourne, Wrege was seen leaving the showroom through a side door. He never found his Sandra Bullock look-alike, but the woman with him looked a lot like Wynona Judd."

eMileHigh - July, 2002

"So it was Britney Spears and Ozzy Osbourne frolicking on the bed and on the floor. MTV had four photographers and two videographers taking pictures of this whole session. Britney Spears was in this little I Dream of Genie outfit and riding me like a pony. It was as close as I have been to sex in years."

WCCO Radio - New Year's Eve, 2002

"I received an email about a week before New Year's from Al's producer asking if I would like to be interviewed as Ozzy New Year's Eve live. I said sure, since I'd already be drunk and Ozzy is MUCH easier to do drunk"

Harmon Leon's "American Dream" - 2007

I had stashed all of my Ozzy notes under the bed and forgotten about them until award-winning author and noted humorist Harmon Leon contacted me. He asked me to write the intro to the third chapter of his book "American Dream."

"In a society that elevates individuals to celebrity status sometimes for simply being who they are (Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith, et. al.) is there a"real" fame (Ozzy earned it over a 30+ year career) versus a "fake" fame (I was a poser)? I think so. Do they feel different? At times I think not."

Appeared in the MTV Video Music Awards Show Program

Lots of strange things happened at the look-alike conventions and this was one of the strangest. A crazy photoshoot in a bridal suite of the Imperial Palace.

"Elyse was working with famous show-biz photographer Dewey Nicks to provide lookalikes for the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards program. This publication sat in the laps of all who attended the gala event."