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Appearing on Live with Regis & Kelly
It was 95 degrees in New York and, not being used to humidity living my life a mile above sea level, the heavy city summer air hit me hard. The essence of the area around Times Square was pretty overwhelming. A mixture of diesel fumes, urine, fresh and rotting garbage. "It's the greatest city in the world," I reminded myself--it just doesn't smell very good. ABC was good enough to put me in a very nice hotel called the Rihgas Royal near Times Square. A two-room suite with a fine, large chocolate swirl marble bathroom.
(From Chapter 3- My Year as Ozzy)



Appearing on The Jenny Jones Show
By now, Jim had taken to running around with a walkie-talkie and the look-alikes had been passed to yet another asso-ciate producer who was pumping us up. "How many of you have seen the show?" Everyone's hand went up but mine. I decided to just listen. "Our audience is composed of angry unemployed people. We see a lot of them week to week. They know the only way they'll get on television is to attack you so be prepared to be attacked. If you do not look like Eminem, they will tear you apart. So go right back at 'em. Own the stage...own your character. Yes you DO look like Eminem and here's why. Shout 'em down. That's the show. If Jenny has to talk at all, you are not doing your job. Does everyone understand me?"
(From Chapter 5- My Year as Ozzy)

Live Radio Appearance with Denver's Lewis & Floorwax
LEWIS: "Good morning it's Lewis and Floorwax, eight-twenty, twenty past eight. Alright now this is kind of a tense moment here. If you just tuned in we are, uh, we're sitting at The Pepsi Center, we're parked in a limousine with smoked glass windows and we're sitting right next to a line of hundreds of people waiting to get in. We have our Ozzy look-alike with us. We, uh, man this could, this could get wild now...what we're gonna do is we're gonna have our pseudo security guys, who are huge, they got suits on they got earpieces in, they're gonna step out of the limo..."
(From Chapter 6- My Year as Ozzy)

Second Appearance on The Jenny Jones Show
It was going on 8am and I was dressed in my Ozzy blacks: sweat pants, black shirt, and black leather coat. My left hand was tattooed and my right had a black fingernail. When the waitress came to the booth I explained my appearance, "I'm doing Jenny Jones today as Ozzy." She replied, "Hey, a couple of people were saying that Ozzy was in here yesterday but it was you! That's a riot!" I ordered scrambled eggs, corn beef hash and four beers. The waitress asked, "Four beers? Sir, are you okay?' "Sure," I replied calmly, "I'm just getting ready for work."
(From Chapter 7- My Year as Ozzy)

Messing with the Crowd at The Kentucky Derby
"That's as good a place to leave it as any," I thought and went back inside to much laughter. Then two National Guardsmen walked into the office. "That's all for Ozzy," one said with a stern expression. I was already getting out of my gear and I said, "Right, we're through." He mentioned that it was all fine up until the moon came out and the reaction of the crowd at that point was such that the Guard felt it was time to "bring a degree of control to the situation." A national security risk: my ass.
(From Chapter 10- My Year as Ozzy)

Live Radio Interview December 1st, 2008 with Lewis & Floorwax (30 minutes - mp3)
Now that they have had a chance to read their own chapter, the Masters interview Don live on Denver's 103.5 The FOX about the book, "My Year as Ozzy."

INCLUDES: live segments from original live sppearance. Wrege explores other Ozzy look-alike experiences that were not written about, and the psychological impact of being paid to pretend to be someone you aren't.

AMC's Project: Lookalike
This documentary, more than any other I've seen to date about lookalikes, treats the subject with a degree of respect while at the same time giving you a glimpse of the weirdness of it all. This is a very classy piece (even if I'm not in it enough) with an interesting score. Very well done overall. Ironically, the last minute changes that "Sandra Bullock" requested of the director resulted in a bitter ending for her and a better ending for me, for the Sandra chapter in my aboutt- be-discovered smash hit book:, "My Year As Ozzy."

Commercial Televison Appearance
I tried to price myself out of this, but the chance to visit Oklahoma City, and the down-home approach of the highly creative Skyline Media Group convinced me to go for it. It turned out to be a lot of fun recreating the opening of the Osbourne's show and crashing cars.

Interviews with Real Celebrities at The Kentucky Derby
I was working for a Boulder, Colorado website company in 2002 when The Osbournes television show was breaking viewership records. One of my favorite clients was Churchill Downs / The Kentucky Derby. Each year we helped with the official Derby website and my job was to walk around "Millionaires' Row," the area where the rich and famous are seated. I would grab short video interviews with as many celebrities as I could with my camcorder, asking them which horse they were betting on in the Run for the Roses. It was at Derby 2002 that my Ozzy madness began.
(From the Preface - My Year as Ozzy)


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